Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Didn't Have To!

Dear Mayor Daley,

I'm still stunned about your recent decision not to run for re-election as Mayor of Chicago.  I mean, you're a force, you make Chicago work (If you rearrange the letters in "Chicago: The City That Works," I'm pretty sure you can spell "Mayor Daley."  And if you can't, look again.....or I can have my pal help you take a see it now, right?).  What will the city be without you?

Although you may think you've accomplished enough, that you maybe don't want to die in office, that maybe you want to do other things with your life, I can tell that you just haven't gotten over my leaving the city yet.  It's OK.  I still love Chicago, and I'm glad I was able to spend 15 years there.  It's just that there were no jobs for the Boy.  We had to go.  I appreciate your grieving the loss of us, but really, isn't this too drastic a measure to take?  You don't have to give up your position just to prove a point.  I mean, it's nice that you think the Boy could come back and get elected as Mayor, but you know, we've just got to do this New England thing for a while (there's a certain Kennedy to emulate, you know).

Chicago's still Chicago even though we're not there.  Give it time, and you'll understand.  Once you do, maybe you'll regain the fire to run again.  And if not, you and Maggie are always welcome to have an extended stay in our guest room.

Your pal,


  1. Wow. Look at the ego on you guys! You've officially spent too much time on the east coast.

  2. You forgot to capitalize "East Coast," Eddie. That's just how important we are on this side of the country.