Thursday, September 16, 2010

Waiting Room

Dear Readers,

I'm really not looking forward to the rest of the morning.  I have to bring in our car for its 6-month service appointment....well, it's not really an appointment; it's more like I'm slotted for some time today, but it's first-come, first-served.  The shop opened at 7:30 AM.  I won't be there until probably 10 AM.  I can only imagine how long the line will be by then.  I'll be stuck in the waiting room for a while with who knows what other people.  I won't have internet access, and even though I'll probably bring a book, it'll seem like eternity.

Yeah, I know--it's my own fault for not getting up earlier, so quit my griping and get it over with.  I just keep putting it off though.

That's been my problem for the last couple of days.....I keep putting off different tasks, and I've gotten wrapped up in hours of nothingness, mostly web surfing and social media.  I'm probably going to need to take a social media break soon--there's nothing really worse than reading hype about how fantastic social media is and how I (especially I as a writer) need to be tuned in 24/7 and keep putting out "stuff" no matter whether it's useful or insipid because I supposedly constantly need to be on someone's radar.

Honestly, trying to come up with witty comments or observations for my Twitter and Facebook feeds and reading everyone else's tweets and posts can be mind gets so worked up in trying to keep up and put something out there, that I don't allow myself the time to breathe and be creative in a way that could have more substance and longevity.

Perhaps I just need to put myself in my own waiting room with no internet access for a little bit of time every day.  Allow myself to observe and be and write without the distraction of social media.  Yes, that's probably a better idea---and just a little bit of "waiting time" would probably get me a little further along the path I want to travel.

Time to hit the road!

Your pal,


  1. I cannot believe your dealership does not have free wifi.....Every dealership I have taken my car to has it.....

  2. It might, but I don't know--I had some offline stuff to do, which passed the time nicely. Would've been nice if the remote control worked so I could turn off ESPN (Motto: 20 hours of SportsCenter), but I managed to tune that out too.