Friday, September 3, 2010

How Do You Celebrate This?

Dear Readers,

Happy Hurricane Earl Day!  Today's the day Hurricane Earl is supposed to come up the East Coast and affect Massachusetts.  Should I be excited about this?

Today I had to drive the Boy to work, so we put on NPR for something to listen to.  Bob Oakes, our local NPR "Morning Edition" host, spent a fair amount of time talking about Hurricane Earl, and he started off one interview by saying, "It's Hurricane Earl Day."  Doesn't that sound like a holiday to you?

Even though I don't think we'll be much affected by the hurricane--we might get some rain and a bit of wind--but overall, Earl's not expected to do much damage.  Plus, it's expected to hit really early tomorrow morning, so if we sleep soundly, we may not even notice anything.

Still, it's our first hurricane experience, and that's kind of cool.  Coming from the Midwest, I don't understand too much about ocean living--true, Lake Michigan is a big lake, but the ocean is a totally different story.  It's fun to slowly acquire all this knowledge about how a different area of the country lives, and once again I'm amazed at how vast and varied our country can be.

It kind of makes me want to celebrate, but I'm not sure quite how.  A Hurricane cocktail is the obvious choice, though I'm not sure I really want to get that hammered today.  The only other thing that comes to mind is making a big hurricane-shaped plate of mashed potatoes.....maybe with a bit of gravy or butter as the eye of the storm.  What other kinds of hurricane fun could we have today?

Looking forward to your suggestions!
Your pal,


  1. Hurricane Earl Day is right up there with the internet furor yesterday over 9/02/10. OK, maybe I just read the wrong websites, but...really? 90210? Seriously?

  2. I'm with you on 90210 day. Heck, even the Boy noticed it (or the furor), and he didn't think he'd ever seen an episode. Maybe it's people-of-a-certain-age trying to cling to their youth.

    Speaking of, are the kids still watching the new 90210? Did it get renewed?