Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear Online Marketers,

I have an e-mail address that's just for marketing e-mails....I signed up for a lot of them because I want to be on top of the news, and I keep them separate from my regular e-mail because they seem to be a little overwhelming.

Nonsense!  You might say!  We marketers don't overwhelm!

Well, I didn't check that e-mail address for a good 8-9 days.  In that time I'd racked up about 300 e-mails.  That's not surprising--especially since some of the newsletters I subscribe to come out every weekday, but the numbers from some stores and shopping websites were amazing:

Those numbers seem kind of typical--I'm constantly bombarded by Bluefly and Neiman Marcus, to the point where I don't even open up the e-mails anymore.  99.9% of the time, they're not going to be different or unusual--just another plea to shop, and DO IT NOW BECAUSE FREE SHIPPING ENDS SOON!  I'm on to you--free shipping won't end soon.  You'll do that promotion again and again.

E-mail campaigns aren't exactly cheap.  Sure, they're probably cheaper than direct mail, but I can only guess that sending out a big campaign on an almost daily basis adds up after a while.  Maybe if you stopped bombarding me with useless marketing drivel and creating an interesting, less frequent marketing pitch, I might think your store was more special, and I'd actually read the e-mails you work so hard to craft, and I might actually click through or consider your store more often.  Right now though, you're just an annoying pest, and I might have to swat you away.

Your pal,

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