Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Time to Talk

Dear Oprah,

I watched your show semi-regularly, but I had to stop because then I'd watch "The View," which came right after, and then my whole morning would be shot.

Now that it's your final season, I thought I'd try watching again.  This time, it'd be even better because I could DVR the show and watch it whenever.  And, it comes on at 4:00 in my TV market, so it's kind of an end-of-day indulgence.

I think I've seen 1.5 shows in the two weeks you've been on the air.

Oops.  So much for that plan.

I'm not sure I'll be able to catch up.  I'm kind of sorry about that, but I'm also trying to be cognizant of my own time limitations and priorities.  I figured you'd be OK with that, since you're trying to help us all live our best lives, yet it must kind of stink to know that my best life doesn't necessary have a daily dose of you.

I'll do what I can though, because I do enjoy and learn a lot from your show when I get to see it. Best of luck for a successful last season!

Your pal,

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