Monday, September 20, 2010

Woodsy Woman

Dear Readers,

The Boy and I had a pretty outdoorsy weekend.  On Saturday we did a summer biathlon.  Yesterday we went orienteering.  Since we've moved to Massachusetts, it feels like we're spending more time outside--or at least more time in a wooded area.  We certainly made great use of Lincoln Park in Chicago, but that's a city park--I couldn't really get lost in there for days and not find my way to some form of civilization that would've gotten me home (Chicago residents might argue that the Chicago Transit Authority is not civilization, but it'll do).

Here we seem a little closer to nature.  Yes, we're literally closer to nature--and we have a car that can easily get us to the woods--but I feel like I'm exploring nature a little bit more than I used to.  Going for a hike--even a short hike--has always seemed like a big deal.  A HIKE is something different, something that involves equipment and planning....oh, I realize that's not exactly the case, but hiking has always sounded like a bigger deal than just walking through the woods.

Now that the woods can be a short stop on the way home from bringing the Boy to work, I'm more apt to stop for a quick 20 minute hike and enjoy being surrounded by trees.  I've learned that it doesn't take a lot--maybe some paying attention to my surroundings and which trails I was talking.  I can get in and out without getting lost for hours. Yeah, if I wanted to be out for a few hours or days, I'd have to plan accordingly and have the proper equipment, but a quick walk helps me build up to something that's a little bigger.  Even if I do end up doing some serious HIKING, it won't be so daunting to me.  It's just nice to know that being outdoors and in the woods doesn't have to be a big deal.  For a girl whose family wasn't all that much into the outdoors, it's a nice skill set to acquire.

Hope you're enjoying the fall weather!
Your pal,

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