Sunday, February 28, 2010

Whoa, Wait, What?

Dear NBC,

Why did you interrupt the Olympic Closing Ceremonies to bring us the first episode of "The Marriage Ref."  It's the OLYMPIC CLOSING CEREMONIES!

Look, I realize that you're struggling.  You've pretty much said you're losing money on the Olympics (though have gotten some boffo ratings).  You're desperate for your mid-season replacement shows to do well.

Those just don't seem like good enough reasons to cut the Closing Ceremonies in half and show them during late-night coverage.  Would you cut the Presidential Inauguration in half?  The State of the Union?

Let's keep the pomp and circumstance where it should be--and try not to show your desperation.  It's a little sad.

Your pal,

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    You were not the only one who noticed!