Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Home Is Better Because of You

Dear Nancy Wall Hopkins, Deputy Editor, Food and Entertaining, Better Homes & Gardens,

This past August, I discovered that my mother had started another subscription to BHG for me.  Upon receipt of my first issue, I groaned.  She'd done this before a couple of years ago, and since I had neither home nor garden (a rental apartment with no outside living space just isn't the same), I merely flipped through the magazine each month and within a half-hour, had tossed it in the recycling bucket.  BHG just wasn't my cup of tea.

However, this time around, I'm pleasantly surprised with my subscription.  I still have neither home nor garden, but the recipes are really standing out.  I don't remember trying many of them during my previous subscription, but over the last few months you've published some great recipes.  The No-Knead Focaccia Tiles?  A big hit at a party.  The desserts in the February 2010 issue?  Well, I'm still working my way through them (I want to try almost all of them), but the Vanilla Sparkling-Wine Pound Cake was delicious, and the Chocolate Stack Loaf was a big hit with some chocoholic friends.

So I'm writing to say thanks.  Thanks for having a quality food section that's made me feel connected to the magazine. I've really grown to like your publication, and I hope you continue to keep up the good work.

Your pal,

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