Monday, February 15, 2010

Phil's on It!

Note to Readers:  Phil Rosenthal is the Chicago Tribune's "business of media" columnist.  He writes about some really interesting topics, which is one of the reasons I contacted him about the NBC "premium" video coverage.  He got back to me with lightning speed:

My guess is that the "premium content" on the site -- which is what classifies that as -- is being subsidized by the "participating cable, satellite and IPTV providers," which is why a subscription is required. They're paying the freight, and they dangle this as a minor but exclusive value-added benefit of actually paying for their services.

But I have sent an inquiry to NBC. So if I get more details, I'll let you know.


I'd totally pay for Olympic online content, if given the chance.  I wish you'd given me (and at least one of my Facebook friends who's now scrambling to get a digital converter box) the option to buy access too! 

And Phil got an answer quickly:
The answer to your original query is pretty much what I told you. The only thing I would add is that highlight packages are free of charge and free of requirement that you subscribe to cable, etc., and for most people and most events I would suspect that is plenty.

That's sad for us with (a) The Fever, and (b) no cable.  There's more of us out there than you might assume, NBC.
Your pal,

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  1. Might it just be a coincidence that NBC is in the process of getting bought by a cable company (Comcast)?