Saturday, January 30, 2010

Derby Day!

Dear Readers,

I don't normally like to shill (wait, maybe I do....hey!  Do me a favor and click on those ad links--they're bound to be fun, with all the random topics I've been writing about), BUT today is the opening bout of the 2010 Windy City Rollers home season, and I'm so excited that I have to make sure I tell you about it!

If you happen to be in Chicago and have no plans for the evening, come out to the UIC Pavilion (doors open at 5 PM, game starts at 6 PM) and catch all of the action.  Tickets are $20.  Unk's doing the national anthem, and Power of Cheer is our halftime entertainment.  Honestly, if you've never seen Power of Cheer, come to the bout just for them.  They are the perfect combination of hilarity and awesome.

The bouts are Hell's Belles vs. the Double Crossers, and Manic Attackers (sporting new Manictards) vs. the Fury.

Fury star Kola Loka is back!  Also, tons of new skaters this year, including transplants Dinah Party (from Gotham Girls Roller Derby) and Jackie Daniels (from Grand Raggity Roller Girls, and she's one of the featured skaters in "Whip It").  The new crop of rookies are really impressive skaters, so this season should be fantastic.  After seeing several weeks of scrimmages, I'm really excited to see how these teams skate against each other.

Also debuting:  Several new refs and NSOs (non-skating officials).  As Intejill, the Assistant Head of Stats, I'm really proud of our staff and the work we do in making sure the bouts are fair and safe.  Plus, I'm especially pleased with my specialized integer pants (pants-by-number) which should debut tonight!

Hope to see you there--if you come, please give me a shout out!  I'd love to say hello!

Your pal,

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