Thursday, January 28, 2010

Upgrade This

Dear Travelodge,

Within one day of our three-night stay in the Natick Travelodge, the Boy and I made a pact to earn enough money so that we never have to stay in a Travelodge again.

Oh, I understand.  Travelodge is a "budget-friendly" hotel, with reasonable prices, which we appreciated (as well as the free internet and the "upgrade" to the room with the microwave and fridge--a girl's stash of Diet Coke has to chill, you know).  However, is it too much to ask that all the lamps in the room have light bulbs?  And that the used towel hanging on the back of the bathroom door is removed before we check in?  And that the alarm clock isn't connected to the main light switch, so that if you flip the switch off, the alarm clock goes off as well?  Maybe Sleepy Bear doesn't need to get up in the morning, but I sure do, and having to set the clock from scratch every night is a pain in the neck.

Is this "you get what you pay for" pricing?

Just curious,
Your pal,

P.S.--I understand the Boy is freakishly tall.  At 6'5", he's quickly discovering he doesn't fit into much of Massachusetts, including the shower stall in this hotel.  Just another fun Travelodge discovery!

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  1. First suggestion - never stay in a place that has "tick" in its name.

    ++But they are a little brighter there - election results show that they favored Coakley.