Monday, January 18, 2010

Fever Commencing

Dear U.S. Olympic Committee,

Wow, you're good!  All I had to do was open my mailbox, see the solicitation envelope from you, and I was ready to donate.  Granted, I'm not able to donate a ton--just enough to get that snazzy (American made, perhaps?!) fleece jacket....and one for the Boy, since he looked a little forlorn until I said we could get two.  Well, actually, he said he'd make his own donation because he wanted to get his own set of US Olympic address labels too, but I quashed that idea because I didn't want you to spend extra money sending two mailings to one address.  That's just a waste.

Anyway, I'm rambling a bit, but that's what happens when I get the Fever.  What Fever, you ask?  Olympic Fever!  Can you believe Vancouver is almost here?  I'm so excited to see what these Games have to offer--I actually almost like the Winter Games better because the sports don't get so much TV time in these parts.

Speaking of obscure sports, I'd like to request that you put my $50 (which should hit your account soon--it went to the processing address, and I can't donate online because I don't have a VISA card) toward supporting our biathletes.  Oh, I know.  All sports are important (except for figure skating, which is mega-important), and all our athletes need financial help, but seriously, I want my donation to go into their budget, because biathlon should be more popular than it is, and these athletes deserve their due.

I don't understand why biathlon isn't a major sport in our gun-happy nation. I went to biathlon at the Salt Lake City Games in 2002, and I tell you, it was the most exciting sport I'd seen in years.  Even watching it on TV has me on the edge of my seat.  Will he hit the target?  Will he have to ski a penalty lap?  Will he have enough energy to keep skiing at full strength?  It's a dramatic sport, and I think more Americans, if given the chance, would become big fans.  They just need the exposure to it.  Money provides exposure.  I'm providing (a little) money.

Thanks for your time and attention.  I'm looking forward to a great Games!  USA!  USA!

Your pal,

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