Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Man's Trash...

Dear Wrigley's,

The Boy bought a pack of Doublemint for our airplane trip today, and we definitely noticed your change.  By change, I mean, "Wrigely switched to paper wrappers and saved about 850 metric tons of foil from going into landfills every year."

OK, that sounds really nice, but now aren't there 850 metric tons of paper going into landfills instead?  I mean, you could recycle the paper, but I tend to put my used gum in the wrapper, especially if I'm not near a garbage can and just can't chew it anymore.  I put it in the wrapper and then in my pocket or purse until I do find a garbage can.  You can't recycle that paper!  I can't be the only person who puts chewed gum in the wrapper!

Plus, what are all the MacGyvers of this world going to do without foil wrappers?

Just curious.  Thanks for your time.

Your pal,

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  1. Dear Jill,
    For the MacGyvers of this world, maybe they could come out with a line of gums targeted towards MacGyvers specifically. Of course there would be an upcharge for a "special" pack of gum.

    I don't chew gum, so I didn't know they switched to paper wrappers. The whole thing makes me wonder though, why they went with foil wrappers in the first place? I've just completed the first season of Mad Men so it makes me wonder if it was an advertising ploy. Or maybe the foil was a byproduct of some other process and they had plenty just sitting around. Or maybe back then they needed the extra durability of the foil reinforced wrapper to go through the machinery. Anyway, that's what I'm curious about now.