Friday, May 6, 2011

What I'm Not Allowed to Share on Facebook

Dear Readers,

This week the Boy said something that sounded so bizarre coming out of his mouth, I couldn't help but laugh at him.

He wasn't pleased.  "You'd better not put this on Facebook!" he warned.

"No, I won't put it on Facebook.  I'll just blog about it," I replied.  To be quite honest, this is actually a safer bet.  I have considerably more Facebook friends (who may or may not read my feed) than I do blog readers, so it's highly likely that no one will see this and call him out on it.

Or they might.  But that's the chance I'm willing to take.

Anyway, the Boy's been on a big health kick lately.  Now, the Boy is of the very tall and naturally thin body type.  He's the kind of guy who can eat pretty much anything and not get fat.  Lately, he's been worried about getting older and putting on that middle-aged paunch, and he really doesn't want to be that guy.

To fight the middle-aged spread, he's been really diligent in keeping a food diary, going so far as to figure out how many calories are in one of my homemade empanadas.  He's been good about eating lots of fruit and veg, and he's cut back on the snacks.  It's starting to show--weight's down a little, and he's losing a little bit in terms of inches.

This week, he was proudly cutting up some broccoli and salad to make a "low glycemic lunch."

Low glycemic lunch?  Did that phrase just come out of his mouth?  Out of the mouth of a guy who probably never has to worry about getting Type 2 diabetes because he could never possibly put on enough weight or stop exercising enough to trigger it?

Of course, I started laughing at him.  My husband, the dietician.  Finding his way around the refrigerator.  Making his low glycemic lunch to enjoy at work.

Which I think he did--until he came home and needed a snack.

I can't remember if I was this much fun when I was trying to lose weight.  You know, you're really focused on forming new, better habits, some of which may involve lingo that the average human wouldn't say.  Or maybe I'm just trying to get back at him for picking a fight with me in the grocery store a few years ago because apparently not everybody calls it "shelf-stable juice."  Either way, it was nice to be on the giving side of the mock.  I know the pendulum will swing the other way at any moment, so I'd better enjoy it while I can--perhaps with a side of glucose.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
Your pal,

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