Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Karmic Merry-Go-Round

Dear Readers,

Call it karma, call it the Golden Rule--no matter how you slice it, what goes around comes around.  Seems like I've been on a karmic merry-go-round the last few days.

After my little post mocking the Boy and his low glycemic lunch, I got my own come-uppance that night.  The Boy and I have different pillows--mine is soft and squishy (and super comfortable), and the Boy's is thinner and not so comfortable--in my mind, and perhaps the Boy's, because he likes to swap pillows every once in a while and stick me with the lousy one.

That evening, I was trying to fall asleep, and my pillow just didn't feel right.  I tried to sneakily determine whether or not it was mine--I ran my hand between the pillow and pillowcase to feel the stitching, and I was just about to spring an A-HA on the Boy when he asked what the heck I was doing.  I admitted I thought he stole my pillow, and to show me, he quickly swapped them out.  I was wrong---and was stuck with a crappy pillow and a case of mocking.

Great.  Serves me right.

But then I was absolved!  The next morning, the Boy missed the commuter train, so I had to drive him 40 minutes to work.  It was a lovely day, so on the way home I stopped for a walk in the woods, and I stopped at a nursery to get some herb plants.

As I was paying for my plants, my phone rang.  It was the Boy, saying he'd forgotten his work laptop at home.  Oops.  I dashed home, grabbed the laptop, and headed back out to his office.  And I didn't even say anything--I mean, what am I going to say that's going to make him feel worse than he already did?  It was a nice day for driving, and I got to catch up on my podcasts.  No big deal.

I think that makes us even now.  At least I hope so!

Your pal,

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