Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Closet Cleaning

Dear Readers,

I remembered a couple more things hanging in my closet that I should get rid of:

  1. Oprah.  Is the show over?  I think it's over--to you, perhaps.  Not to me.  I decided to DVR the last batch of new episodes, and boy, am I behind!  Oprah's going to live on in my book for a good 20+ epidsodes.  Then we can discuss.  Perhaps I'll get that done in June.
  2. The newspaper delivery.  Believe it or not, I did not get my Sunday paper this week (I've put it on hold for 2 weeks), and nothing's shown up this week either.  Somebody finally got the message!  Have I talked to the local delivery manager?  Um, no--never heard from this person.  Apparently they've fixed the glitch though.  I am going through a little newspaper withdrawal, though I still have a Sunday magazine or two to flip through.  
Closet's definitely looking a little cleaner now.....

Your pal,

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