Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Customer Care" of a Certain Kind

Dear Readers,

I don't mean to get all, "I'm irritated by customer service representatives" on you.....oh, wait.  I guess I do.

Today, for some strange reason, my wireless connection stopped working.  I reset the modem, I restarted my computer....nothing helped.  Sigh.  Time to call Verizon customer service.

Now mind you, I've been in a decent mood lately, especially when dealing with customer service reps, retail clerks, etc. When I talked to the Boston Globe today about my delivery problems (which, to me are really dumb.  You generally complain because you don't get your paper.  I've got to complain because I am), I was nice and peppy, asking to give my delivery person a little "come to Jesus" moment but trying to be really nice about it.  The local delivery manager is supposed to call me within the next couple of days to discuss my situation.  I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, back to Verizon.  Once my problem was solved, I received a little popup survey asking for feedback on my experience....except I didn't complete the survey within their 20 minute window, so I haven't sent it to them.  Yet.  Much more fun to tell you first.  So, for your enjoyment, here's my additional feedback on today's Verizon experience:

The customer support person did solve my problems as quickly as possible, but boy, was he a bit snippy with me.  I'm sorry that I don't know what a filter looks like or get confused because my phone line has two splitters and one filter.  I'm sorry that I didn't have my modem password at the ready or can remember how my modem was initially set up 13 months ago.  Don't sound irritated because I have to open up my bill file to try to locate my modem password.  Don't sound irritated because I'm describing something as "the long rectangle."  If I'm describing the filter (I think) as that, it also means that I'm not going to automatically know that "plugging the modem directly to my computer" means "use the 'PC/ethernet' plug" because I'm using a Mac, and Microsoft's responsible for me thinking that "PC" = "Windows," not "personal computer."  
I don't know whether to continue to apologize or relish in the fact that I was probably "moron of the day" for this tech support person.  If it's the latter, please tell him that I look forward to receiving my certificate of achievement.
And that's how I feel about this experience. 
Don't worry--I'll send this to Verizon too. If there's a certificate to be had out of this deal, I want to get my paws on it!  Seriously -- an official "Moron of the Day" certificate would come in so handy!  Whenever the Boy feels I'm doing something dumb, I can just whip it out--and instant excuse!

Somehow though, I don't think that awesomeness is coming my way.  I'll manage somehow.

Your pal,

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