Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Postcard from the Road

Dear Readers,

It's time for our annual Christmas trip to Florida--only this year, we're driving (take that, TSA with your x-ray vision machines/thorough pat downs).  From Massachusetts.

We left Monday, late morning.  The plan was to drive to Charleston, South Carolina, see one of the Boy's friends, stay the night, and then finish up the drive to the Space Coast on Tuesday.

It's Monday night/Tuesday morning.  We're in Richmond, Virginia for the night.

Charleston is a long ways away, my friends.  Like over 16 hours away.  Although we should've left super-early on Monday, we didn't.  Work kept us up late on Sunday, and we wanted to get a decent night's sleep before hitting the road.  Then we hit traffic going over the George Washington Bridge in New York, and our plans changed.

That happens.  Luckily we have time, and we're in no rush.  That means we have more time to play the "how many different state license plates will we see" game (so far, 28!), more time to stop for gas, and more time to enjoy the enjoy the view from the interstate.

More from the road as time allows!
Your pal,


  1. Driving from Chicago to the same location would have been longer or shorter than driving from Boston?

  2. It probably would've been a few hours shorter (so the map says), but that route would most likely have involved hills. We saw some snow along the route (a lot further south than I would've thought), so who knows what it was like at higher elevations. We took I-95 most of the way down, which is pretty flat.