Friday, December 31, 2010

Good-bye 2010, Hello 2011!!

Dear Readers,

So what did you think of 2010?  On the whole, I thought it was a mixed bag.  On the one hand, I've been having a lot of adventures, what with relocating to Massachusetts; on the other, I've picked up some credit card debt, and I'm feeling a little behind in the career.

Today I thought I'd share a little note I posted on Facebook.  One of my friends suggested listing 10 interesting or remarkable things about your 2010 and 10 things you hope to do in 2011.  Here's my list--hold me to it, OK?  And feel free to share your own lists--I'd love to know what you thought of last year and what you hope for the new one!

Happy New Year!
Your pal,

List 10 things you've done in the past year that are remarkable, memorable, or most interesting.
Then list 10 things you plan on doing in 2011.

Ten in 2010:
1.  Successfully relocated to Massachusetts.
2.  Lots of roller derby accomplishments: Penalty tracked a Friday night bout at ECDX in June; picked to penalty track Eastern Regionals; picked to penalty wrangle at Championships.  Awesome times all around.
3.  Finished the rough draft of a novel.
4.  Made more money than I did in 2009.
5.  Did a few summer biathlons--found a new sport!
6.  Had some good run-ins with seafood (living on the coast helps -- I'm less fearful of it here)
7.  Made some new friends---and felt that I've kept in decent touch (not stellar, but decent) with the old.
8.  Learned to make a kick-ass whoopie pie.
9.  Did a decent amount of traveling:  3x to Chicago, Philly, Long Island, Portland, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, road trip to Florida and back.
10.  Got my gun license.

Ten in 2011:
1.  Make more money than I did in 2010.
2.  Edit rough draft of novel and start sending it out by end of Q1.
3.  Not worry about having children.
4.  Put photos in photo albums.
5.  Clean off the DVR.
6.  Read at least 30 books--preferably ones off my own shelf.
7.  Go to NYC and Vermont--and it would be nice to get out of the country again.
8.  Go cross-country skiing.
9.  Earn enough that I can travel for roller derby this year.
10.  Learn to bake really good bread.

Oh, and one more for 2011:  Help build a bigger, stronger officiating team for the Boston Derby Dames.

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