Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Loss

Dear DirecTV,

What happened to my G4?  It's that time of the year--my "Ninja Warrior" fever is starting to spike, especially now that the show is posting a lot of updates on Facebook.  I got really excited and tried to set my DVR to record "American Ninja Warrior," only to discover that I no longer get the channel.  It seems to have disappeared off my channel guide, much like a ninja stealing away in the night.  Color me not pleased.

[note:  I have noticed that the DVR has no longer been recording episodes of "Ninja Warrior" and "Unbeatable Banzuke," but I've got so much stuff to watch that I haven't investigated.  Besides, the new season of "Ninja Warrior" has become as Christmas to me as "A Christmas Story."]

Is no one on the DirectTV system watching G4?  Has it become too expensive to carry?  I mean, the channel lineup is becoming increasingly odd--RFD TV (which I hadn't heard of until today, but is apparently "Rural America's Most Important Network") is currently showing "Big Joe Polka Show."  What's your customer mix of urban vs. rural?  I'd understand if a good percentage of your customers are rural, but still--don't you want to reach the tech-savvy kids too?

I also supposedly can now play games on DirecTV.  It feels like there are more shopping and informercial channels than ever.  Who's watching this stuff?  Does it really bring in more money than regularly programmed channels?

Please let me know why I'm paying not to be able to see some of my favorite shows anymore.  If I can understand this better, maybe I wouldn't be so ticked off.

Your pal,

P.S. -- What'd you think of your boss being on "Undercover Boss"?  Has the company changed much since he was on the show?

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