Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time to Quit

Dear Netflix,

Today I will do it.  I will finally quit you.

I realize I'm the type of customer you love--the one that doesn't return a movie for six weeks (unless I get on a TV jag and watch a season in a week), but I have to quit.

I can't take the guilt--"The Savages" has been sitting around since September, and I got my credit card bill with yet another charge on it for a this great service that I'm just not using.  I'm one of those persons who has a queue full of movies I should watch--and I actually do want to watch them, but just not when they show up in my mailbox. On top of that, I've got a pretty full DVR that I'd like to clean out.  That's my new queue right now.

So, even though it's an honor to be one of your favorite types of customers, I'm going to have to stop being that person.  Maybe I'll come back, but for now, I have to quit you.

Your pal,

1 comment:

  1. I was a Netflix quitter too - for the same exact reason!