Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Many Bags?

Dear Grocery Store Baggers,

You know those reusable totes?  They're a little sturdier than the plastic bag, and therefore hold more than a plastic bag.

I'm just letting you know because when I got home from my grocery trip today--with some of my items in plastic bags (not counting my dish soap--I appreciate that being separated from the foodstuffs) and plenty of room in the totes for groceries, I was a little peeved.  Why use the plastic, when there was still enough tote available?

Look, I'm just trying to do my part to keep my plastic bag consumption lower.  Please help me out here!

Your pal,


  1. Oooh, one of my personal pet peeves! I have two giant canvas bags I bought at Target and use for absolutely everything. On at least half my trips to the grocery store, I have to tell the bagger to fill each bag as full as it goes, otherwise they'll do just what you mentioned. It's like they figure the bags are too big and I won't be able to carry them if they fill them. While I appreciate the sentiment, I'm a healthy 38-year-old woman who is perfectly capable of hauling a large bag from a grocery cart into my car.

    And please don't put my eggs or potatoes into a separate plastic bag. Put the eggs on top in the canvas bag, and have you noticed the potatoes COME in a bag? Also, I don't care about having my cleaning supplies bagged separately from my food, although I realize many people do and therefore I won't quibble.

    A few times I've even said to a bagger: "Go ahead and fill it up with as much as it'll hold; it can handle it, and so can I."

    One other thing that occasionally happens and cracks me up when it does: A cashier will sometimes pick up my bag, which is folded for convenience, and start looking for a price tag. Apparently no one has ever brought their own bag through that cashier's line before.

  2. Amen! I'll have to keep a closer watch on the baggers. It's just a pain to have to watch them, make sure you get your coupons turned in, and that you pay promptly. Ugh. I love going to the grocery, but I hate going to the grocery.