Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shooting for Patience

Dear Readers,

Today was supposed to be some other sort of entry about my and the Boy's gun license applications.  We're trying to get gun licenses because we'd like to get our own rifles and handguns for a variety of reasons.  Partly, it's so we can get our own biathlon rifles, but there are other shooting sports we'd like to try and other lawful purposes for owning a gun.

The gun licensing process in Massachusetts is fairly involved, and the requirements vary from town to town.  One of the requirements in my town is an interview with the police department, and the Boy and I went in for ours today.

It turned out to be a meeting to fill out the online gun application, turn in some paperwork that proves who we are and who vouches for us as responsible people, and get fingerprinted.  Now the department will do a thorough background check on us, and then we'll schedule another interview to talk more about our potential licensing.

This means we'll have to wait at least three weeks for this next step.  Although it could be a little frustrating--after all, we started this process in the beginning of September--it's kind of a nice exercise in patience.  We had anticipated that it would take a while to receive our licenses, but getting confirmation that it actually will take that amount of time (or longer) just gives us the knowledge that we have to dig into our personal stores of patience and wait.

Those that live in states where it's easier to get a license might think Massachusetts is a bit crazy with its laws.  However, my state has its laws for a reason, and my police chief has a responsibility to make sure that these laws are carried out in the safest manner possible.  If that means I have to wait a little bit longer, then all right.  At least I know my application is being taken seriously and that all the steps are done to make sure that the town is being careful with its licensing process.

So we wait.

Your pal,

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