Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hours, Schmours

Dear Cherry Bomb Bakery,

Yesterday I stopped by your establishment to use a Buy With Me voucher for a half-dozen cupcakes.  I was even going to buy a few extra so that I could take them to a meeting.

Except that when I got to your location, I discovered you were closed.  Closed on Mondays!

Boy, did I feel like a boob.  I'd gotten your address and directions off your website, but how could I miss your hours of operation?

Because they weren't on your site.

Really?  Really?!  Isn't that a basic thing to have on your website, the place where people will first look for you?  I hadn't thought to call to double-check, but should I have had to?  Wouldn't you get tired of all the calls about when you're open?

Anyway, I'll be stopping by later today to redeem my voucher.  No extra cupcakes though--I don't need them anymore.  It'll probably be the last time I stop in too.  My brain is full of enough random information--I don't need to retain your operating hours on top of it.  And if I don't know when you're open, I'm not going to make a special trek to Brighton for a cupcake.

Perhaps your website is missing other crucial information that's keeping customers from stopping by.  I'm a professional writer, so if you want me to have a thorough look at your site, I'd be willing to help you out.  My fees are quite reasonable.

Looking forward to talking to you.

Your pal,

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