Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Eating, Back on Thursday

Dear Readers,

It's not that I haven't wanted to blog, it's that I don't think I can squeeze my stomach underneath a desk, or perch a laptop on my belly.

One of my favorite ads from the late 90's was an ad for McDonald's, saying, "Chicago's the City of Big Shoulders, and we didn't get those shoulders by pushing back from the table."  Boy, you could say that again!  I've done almost nothing except eat during this trip--and I'm not even getting close to hitting all the places I want to go to.  There have been big dinners, huge breakfasts (can you say bacon cheddar potato pancakes and cinnamon rolls from Ann Sather?), filling lunches.  Today is another lunch, another big dinner, and I've got to try to get to at least one cupcake place.

So, excuse me while I abstain from blogging for the next day or so....it's been an hour since I've eaten, and a hot pretzel is calling my name.

Your pal,

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