Monday, March 15, 2010

A Reply! And the State of the Inbox

Dear Readers,

Ah, the power of e-mail.  I sometimes wonder if the regular letter is just going to disappear in favor of electronic communications.  In this project, I've been trying to write letters on stationery and post them, but because of time constraints (and a nasty online mah-jongg habit), I have resorted to e-mailing several of  my "Your Pal, Jill" letters.

In a way I'm disappointed with myself for doing so, but at the same time, the only replies I've ever gotten are from e-mails, such as this nice acknowledgement from Nancy Hascall, the composer I wrote to the other day:

Hi Jill,
Thanks for your e-mail.   I always love hearing about how this piece has moved people.   From its inception I have felt it was a gift to me (not from  me), to be shared.   
:-)  Nancy

Her sending this little note brightened up my Inbox, and it probably only took her a couple of minutes to write, as opposed to having to pull out the stationery,  write the three sentences, find a stamp, and mail it.  As much as I like getting snail mail, I'm starting to feel like the junk/marketing e-mail situation in my Inbox is getting to the point where an e-mail from a regular person excites me.  Do you feel the same way?

Your pal,

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  1. Yikes, email content has become just like snail mail content. Remember how exciting it was to get a card or invitation or even a magazine in the pile of bills, junk mail, credit card offers, and political candidate mailings? Like that Seinfeld episode: "When are you going to bring over my mail?" "Who cares, it's just bills and junk mail." "That's what mail IS."