Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fat to Thinner to Fat Again

Dear Renee Zellweger (and other Movie Stars Who Have to Gain Weight for Their Roles),

Man, do I feel for you!  People think it must be fun to gain weight for a movie role, but I now realize just how difficult it is.  Over the last 3-4 months, I've packed on a good 13-15 lbs. due to stress brought about by a cross-country move, which has a lot of saying good-bye to people at bars/restaurants.  

The weight gain is driving me nuts.  I spent a long time losing 20 lbs, and to have most of it creep back on is frustrating.  I got rid of my fat clothes, and now I'm in grave danger of needing them again.  I feel the heaviness.  I feel how parts of my body have expanded, and it's both frustrating and disgusting.  I've let my hard work go to waste, and I feel pretty gross and down on myself because of it.  I imagine you felt much the same way when gaining weight  for the Bridget Jones movies--and you did it twice!  I mean, even with the nice paycheck, it had to be tough to do this to yourself, right?

Once we move, I'm going to focus on whittling off the pounds, but I don't really want to spend another year losing this weight.  How'd you shave it off so quickly?  Any tips would be appreciated.  

Thanks in advance!
Your pal, 

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  1. I agree completely. I'm guessing all you need is 12 hours a day to work out and a personal trainer.