Monday, November 29, 2010

Two Days Left!

Dear Readers,

There are two more days left in NaNoWriMo--two more days where you have to endure a fairly crappy blog post in which I complain about the number of words I have left to write to get my novel (at least a very bad first draft of one) finished.

I'm close though--so close I can feel it.  I cranked out 5,220 words yesterday to bring me to a grand total of 44,351 words.  To get to the 50,000 word prize (which I believe is basically bragging rights), I owe myself another 5,639 words.  That's a mere 2,825 per day.  After yesterday's marathon, I think it's doable.

Do I still like my book and my main character?  For the most part, yes.  I know the book needs some massive changes.  And by massive, I mean the whole first section needs to go by the wayside, and I'm sure there are some dreadful passages where I was trying to come up with something--anything, beyond going with a brand-new story in the middle--just to boost my word count.

Still, I think I have a good start.  I'll take a couple of weeks off to get some other work done and read a bunch of chick lit novels.  And get U2 and Coldplay out of my head.  That's pretty much been my soundtrack for the book, and I'm close to the point where I need to listen to something else.  Or, I need to find more Coldplay, because I've only deemed a couple of songs off the one album I own to be worthy of listening to for writing.

Overall though, I'm down to the wire.  I just need to make sure I finish the race.

See you in a couple!

Your pal,

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