Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dear Non-Profits,

I've got enough address labels now.  You can quit sending them.

Honestly, I'd considered ordering some from a stationery place when I first moved, but right away I got all sorts of fun address labels from you....actually more labels than I can use for a while.

So, you can stop sending them.  Even you, March of Dimes, who actually sent me a dime.  It's so rare that I get paid to open my mail.  Nice touch!

Really, though.  I budget my annual giving to organizations I care about.  Not that I think the organizations who send me labels aren't doing good work, it's just that I only have so much money, and it just doesn't spread out as far as I'd like.

I know you hope the address labels entice me to send you a little cash, but they don't.  I use them, sure, but that's about it.  Apparently they're an effective fundraising tool for somebody though, because you still use this tactic.

Just take my name off your list before you send out another mailing.  It'll save us both some trouble.


Your pal,

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