Friday, November 19, 2010

Ma J's Comedy Gold

Dear Readers,

Oh!  I've forgotten to tell you the latest, greatest Ma Jaracz story!

When I visited them the last time I was in Chicago, I "innocently" asked my mother if she was watching the Sarah Palin reality show.  I say "innocently," of course, because I know Ma J is not a Palin fan, and that she'd probably have an opinion or two about her and the show.  What I didn't expect was the several minute diatribe about Palin and the fact that she was pimping herself on TV and had better not run for President because she was a quitter--but I was not prepared for how she wrapped up her rant:

And what I want to know is, who's taking care of the retarded kid?

Readers, I could not have asked for better comedy gold.  I don't mean to exploit my aging parents, but senior citizens say the best stuff!

At the time, I laughed, because, really, no one says "retarded" anymore in reference to someone who actually has mental retardation.  In fact, "retarded" can be considered a derogatory word--well, except here in Boston, where any jerk can be and is quickly deemed a "fuckin' retahd."

My mom, to her credit, defended herself--because from the way she was saying it, she did mean actually mentally retarded.  She just didn't use the phrase "baby with Down's Syndrome," which is apparently more acceptable and/or the correct way to phrase it (this I picked up from my medical editor and educator friends.  I didn't realize "Down's Syndrome baby" was not accurate).

I don't know if she'll ever change the way she phrases things, but I do have to agree with her--who is taking care of Trig these days?

Your pal,

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