Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Sure Repeal?

Dear Massachusetts Liquor Store Owners,

Congratulations!  The ballot question to repeal the state alcohol tax passed!  Now comes the interesting part--the part where we voters have to be diligent about making sure this measure benefits us too. 

The repeal goes into effect on January 1, 2011.  What I hope to see--and I think all of us who voted for the repeal want to see--is that the final receipt is lower than what I've been paying.  I don't want to walk into a liquor store in January and suddenly see that all of the alcohol is priced a little higher than what it's priced at now.  Then it doesn't matter if the tax is gone--I'm still paying the same amount.

I'm actually worried that you'll pull the whole bait and switch move, so I'll be watching the prices and seeing if the repeal actually makes the difference I voted for.  Look, you know I was on your side.  Now let's hope that you're on mine.  If not, fine.  I'll keep taking my money to New Hampshire.

Your pal,

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