Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mass Mailings

Dear Ford,

Hey, we got yet another mailing from you yesterday.  Cool to hear about the 2011 models; however, I wanted to remind you:

We bought a new car last year.

We're still paying it off.

Therefore, we do not need another new car this year.

I would think that somewhere in your massive database system you know that last year we were first-time car buyers (i.e.--we had zero cars when we bought our Ford).  I'd imagine that you probably also know that since we bought one of your cheaper cars, we probably did that because that's all we could afford.  We're not the type of people who buy a new car every year--and how many of those do you have in this economy, for goodness' sake?

I realize you're excited to share all the new model info with us, but can't you tell we're just not in the market?  Please stop it with all the mailings.

Thank you!

Your pal,

P.S.--We do love our Ford--it's been an awesome car for us!

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