Monday, March 28, 2011

Creative Constipation

Dear Readers,

I'm feeling guilty for not blogging much--though one might say that there are too many blogs out there anyway.  I've just been in my monthly funk of not feeling productive/creative/worthy, and I haven't wanted to pass the funk on to you. Add the general crabbiness I have about not drinking (that "no booze = weight loss" thing is really starting to look like a big ol' myth to me...either that, or I'm eating more to compensate, or I never drank so much that it affected my caloric intake in the first place), and you get a person who's not so pleasant to be around.

Granted, you might think that crabby Jill is a fun Jill who pokes at general stupidity, but I haven't even been able to come up with that lately.  It's as if my creativity is completely constipated--it's stuck somewhere inside of me, and I'd really like to find it and move on.

I'm trying to not dwell on the problem--and I'm trying to find ways out of it, like other creative pursuits:  baking (cookies and pretzel bread were on the docket today), reading books (working on Bill Bryson's In a Sunburned Country, Rita Rudner's Tickled Pink (which is totally enjoyable), and a stack of other random chick lit), and trying to stay active (watching "Heavy" helps motivate me there).  I'm also hoping to start having more adventures again--get out and explore, and maybe that will inspire me.

I also hope it will make me more regular here too (pun intended).  Thanks for tuning in and sticking with me!

Your pal,

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