Monday, June 14, 2010

Forward This!

Dear USPS,

Where the fuck is my forwarded mail?  Or at least the mail that I notice I'm not getting?

Look, I know you do the best you can--well, in Chicago they don't necessarily do that good a job--so I'm trying to be understanding.  However, I did put a mail forward on my address....supposedly with enough time to spare before I moved.  We have gotten some of our mail--but not all of it.  Not the mail I'm expecting.  Not the mail with some paychecks in it.  PAYCHECKS!

My magazines made it.  Where's the rest?

Pissed, but still your pal,


1 comment:

  1. Oh crap! I wonder if there was some sort of "Do Not Forward" note on the paychecks? Could take weeks for the company to track that down...
    Hope it has been solved.