Friday, June 11, 2010

The Family Forest

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I come across news so stunning, I'm not quite sure where I should send the letter.  So, let this be more of a regular blog post.

Since I have an unusual name (and probably a bit of narcissism), I have a Google Alert set up for "Jaracz." I started it after another Jaracz got in touch with me and thought we might be related (probably not--my little part of the family is quite small and we're not that good about staying in touch.  Cousin Jill?  Oh, she's in the part of the family that keeps themselves under a rock). Anyway, I got a little curious about some of the other Jaraczs out there in the world, so now I like to keep dibs on them. It reminds me of a time when I got a postcard in the mail soliciting me to buy one of those geneological books based on your last name--because you'd want to know about "all the good people named Jaracz."  I kept that postcard for a while and would pull it out whenever I needed a good laugh.  Those people obviously hadn't met my grandparents.

Anyway, the Jaraczs in my Google Alert are fun. There's the feminist student at Northwestern University. The former NCAA star in Kentucky. The fire inspector in Northwest Indiana.  A gas station owner somewhere in the Chicago area.  A family who posts a lot of pictures and videos of their newborn.  Oh, and the Jaracz engaged to Drew Carey. And then there's the Jehovah's Witness.

Yep, Theodore Jaracz, the JW.  He's apparently a hardliner big wig in the organization, and there's a little controversy about him protecting child molesters.  Yesterday he passed away after having a stroke, and that jarred me a little.  One of my people!  Passed away!  But the fun part is that although some people were sad,  a lot more of them popped online to say good riddance. Not a popular man, I guess.

Since I don't really know the man, I don't quite know what to say, but I sure will miss him popping up in my Google Alert on a regular basis.

RIP, Cousin (we may not be related, but since people don't seem to like you that much, I have a sneaking suspicion we just might have some of the same blood).

Your pal,

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