Thursday, June 10, 2010

Don't Show Your Hand

Dear History Channel,

The Boy and I happened to catch your show "Top Shot" last night. Congratulations on your first reality competition show!  You got quite a host in Colby Donaldson--dude's like Jeff Probst, Jr. (though 3 seasons on "Survivor" would make anyone sound like Probst).

The show's pretty interesting--well, the Boy and I are just getting into rifle shooting, so we enjoyed the technical aspects of the show, and we'll most likely tune into more episodes.

However, there's one big turnoff:  Right before the elimination competition in the first episode, there was a promo for the second episode--that featured one of the two people who were in the first elimination competition.  Way to let the cat out of the bag there!  Why bother finishing the episode when you just found out who lost?

Maybe next week you'll remember that elimination competitions are all about keeping the audience curious about who will get eliminated, not letting the cat out of the bag 10 minutes early.

Catch you next week.
Your pal,

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