Monday, April 4, 2011

Raising My Glass

Dear Readers,

As you may recall, I gave up booze for Lent.  Not the most brilliant decision, but I'm managing.  It helps that in what the Boy refers to as "my contract with Jesus," I gave myself an exception for April 2.  Before Lent, we'd made arrangements to see some friends in Portland, ME (where I'd be officiating a little roller derby action), and we planned to go to a brewpub or two while we were there.

It was a small fact I remembered as I made my Lenten resolution.  Hence, the exception.

Let me tell you, the drinking was fantastic.

Well, backing up a minute.  We went to two beer joints: Sea Dog Brew Pub, and the Lion's Pride, which is a big Belgian beer place.  At Sea Dog I had two beers, a blonde and a blueberry wheat.  Both were tasty.  Both were <5% ABV.  Both went straight to my head.

Food helped a little bit, and I managed to finish a Stillwater Of Love and Regret, this really tasty herby beer that I'd love to drink again.

However, by the end of the evening, I was fairly crocked over a small amount of beer, and I didn't really like that feeling.  I enjoy a beverage at the end of the day, should I feel like one.  I don't like seeing my tolerance slim down to nothing.  I don't like getting silly over nothing.  It's not fun--I feel like less of an adult when I can't manage a couple of drinks.

The good news is that I only have a few weeks left in my Lenten adventure.  Then I can resume enjoying beverages the way they should be enjoyed.  Do I think this experiment is silly?  No.  If anything, it's taught me that everything in moderation is good.  Drink too much, and you'll have to stop drinking for life.  Enjoy a little bit, and you can savor it forever.

Your pal,


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