Friday, April 22, 2011

All I Need IS Now

Dear Duran Duran,

Well, my favorite band, you've done it again.  I got the new album ("All You Need Is Now"), and it's been playing on a continuous loop all week.  I'm not even listening to my podcasts because I like the new album so much, and that's saying something.  I think the Boy might thank you, because I believe he's pretty tired of listening to Adam Carolla and Too Beautiful to Live; however, after I listen to "Meditteranea" for the third time in a row, I'm not so sure.

I'm just glad you've been able to put out another good album.  I was a little worried after "Red Carpet Massacre," which I really did not like.  Oh, I understand you wanted to try working with new people like Justin Timberlake and Timbaland and try something new with your music.  It's good to try new things and stretch yourself.  It's just that I didn't really like the final product.  Duran Duran + hip hop beats does not equal a good thing.  You're better with actual music.

Which is why I like the new album.  It's got a lot of traditional elements in it (yeah, you could say there's a callback to "Save a Prayer" in some of the music), but it also has a lot of really catchy songs that I would love to hear live.

Keep up the good work--I'm so glad you're still around as a band and keep bringing new music to my life.

Your pal,

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