Friday, January 14, 2011

Go Paperless, Already

Dear CVS,

I'm in your loyalty program.  I don't know what you call it--I'm in so many loyalty programs that I can't keep all the names straight, and at some point, who really cares besides your own marketing people who probably stayed up late when it came time to name the thing.  I really only think of it as the one with the tiny card that's supposed to go on my keychain, but I don't want my keychain chock full of loyalty cards, so I keep it in my wallet and have a hard time digging it out anytime I'm in a CVS.

But I digress.  I wondered if you could explain something about the technology and/or program that's connected to the card.  See, it's able to keep track of how much I spend in a quarter.  It's able to keep track of my involvement in special promotions.  It's able to spit out coupons--some of which are for "extra bucks" (the rebate you give me every quarter).  Why is it that the program can't keep track of the extra bucks and automatically deduct them from my bill whenever I have some in my account?

Even though I regularly use coupons, I really loathe the ones from CVS.  It's a coin toss on whether the coupons are actually useful.  When they are, I have to make sure I detach them from the receipt.  If there's "extra bucks," I'm not sure if I have to spend more than that amount when I want to use the coupon.  If I have $4.00 in "extra bucks" but want to use it on a Diet Coke, will the receipt have the remaining bucks, or do I lose them?  (I put this in the "too scared to try/too lazy to look it up" category).

Plus, since our account has more than one card, the Boy also uses it.  He's not always great at giving me the receipts (and I can pretty much guarantee that he's not really into scanning the receipt for coupons).  We've almost lost out on the "extra bucks" we've earned because of this.

It'd be so much easier on your customers if you made the rewards in your loyalty program easier to use.   Put them on the card, and let us deduct them from our transactions if we want to.  Heck, we're in a paperless society now--why are your rewards stuck in the last century?

Your pal,

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  1. That's a fantastic idea. As one who is terrible at using coupons I would love it if the stores just said to me, surprise! You shop here enough that we decided to give you a $4.00 discount today. But of course it's my type, as a non-coupon clipper, that companies love most.