Thursday, May 13, 2010

Found: Duran Duran Scrapbook #3

Dear Grainne Cleare,

I have your Duran Duran Scrapbook #3, which spans the years 1983-1987, with an additional article from 1990.  If you remember (and you obviously have to rely on your memory, since I'm holding your scrapbook), this period includes Simon's big boating accident and Simon and John's "most wonderful haircut" according to you.  You still like Roger, but you've drawn in a mustache on one of Andy's pictures. And apparently you got to see them live in concert on Wednesday 22 April 1987 at RDS Simmonscourt Dublin, because you've got a full set list and a ticket stub--12 pounds 50!  I can't imagine one of their tickets going that cheap today--what a deal!

How did it wind up on my bookshelf?  It was a gift, and there's a much longer story behind that, but mostly, it was a gift.  I've tried to be careful with this book since I took possession of it, although the articles and pictures are taped or glued onto the pages, so they tend to stick together a little bit.  Nothing's ripped though--everything is still in decent shape, including the end pages where you calculated how much you'd spent on Duran Duran-related purchases.  I also want to applaud you on noting the dates on most of the articles and  pictures--after all, you do want to know when Simon snuck those beauties into the yacht club.

Still, as much fun as this book is (and as a fellow Duranie, I have truly enjoyed it.), I feel a little guilty having it in my possession, especially since it's part of a series.  I mean, you still have books 1 and 2, right?  And perhaps you've kept up with them?  Your volume 3 needs to be part of the set!  I'd feel awful if there's a small hole in your heart because you don't know where this is.  Please drop me a line with your address, and I'll ship it to you (jilljaracz AT yahoo).

Saving a prayer,
Your pal,

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