Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Dear Watertown Savings Bank,

In our quest to find a new bank, the Boy and I wanted to go with a smaller player.  We didn't want to get sucked into the impersonal service that only a big bank can deliver, even if they give bonuses when you open an account.  We wanted a little more attention, and boy, are we getting it from you!

Opening an account was a breeze, changing PIN numbers was no problem, and everyone we've encountered at your bank has been friendly and helpful.  Plus, we got a thank you letter when we opened our accounts.  Wowza!  Would Chase or Bank of America bother with that?

But you know what's really awesome about you?

Fives and tens in the ATMs.

I haven't been able to get a five dollar bill out of an ATM since I was in college--in the mid 90s.  Our former bank used to have a machine that allowed for ten dollars bills, but they discontinued that a few years ago (a sad, sad day).  When I went to one of your ATMs for the first time, I about fell over when the machine displayed that it could dispense five, ten, and twenty dollar bills.  I didn't know that option was still possible!

It's so nice to have the ability to get a bill smaller than a twenty.  It helps me make change, and I don't have to expect a store to break a large bill for a small purchase.  What a convenience!

Thanks for going above and beyond.  I know I've only been a customer for a month or so, but I am one happy camper when it comes to banking with you.

Your pal,

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