Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What Is This "No Parking Zone" You're Talking About?


Hey Dummy! [That would be the owners of a Nissan Ultima with Florida plates and an Eagle Talon with Illinois plates...and I'd so love to put their plate numbers on the Internet, but I'll be nice.]

Thanks so much for ignoring the "no parking--residential move" sign.  It's made our move out of here an absolute nightmare.  Why?  Well, we hired movers, who came with a big truck and we needed our loading zone plus the two spaces behind it.  We prepared--got the no parking signs up two days in advance--but you chose to ignore it.

I hope you don't believe in karma, because you're in for one hell of a bad time.  Because of your actions, our moving van had to block traffic for a good 15 minutes (twice)--the people trapped in cabs must've loved watching their meters climb and not be able to move.  In addition, your actions turned our move from a "short shuttle" to a "long shuttle," which added $75 to the cost of our move.

So thanks. We appreciate your courtesy.  Please do us one more favor--try not to be such a moron.  I realize it might be difficult for you, but for the sake of our community, please try.

Your pal,

[note:  I did leave this note on the windshields of both cars that parked in spots we'd tried to block out so that our moving van could fit in front of our building--our building that has no alley, so the only place to park a van is out front.  What a bitter, bad day our move was--the moving crew sat around for an hour while we desperately tried to figure out where they would park on our narrow, crowded street littered with other moving vans.   They finally ended up parking illegally in someone's driveway a couple of doors down, and the people who owned that house were incredibly cool about letting the van stay parked there.

The "no parking" signs were a lame "pretty please, don't park here" thing--no towing involved if you did park there (a "tow-zone" sign would involve a permit and a few hundred dollars).  The alderman's office wasn't much help, but they were about as nice as they could be with an irate constituent.  Apparently most people are pretty good about not parking when they see those signs.  We didn't have that experience.  Go figure.]

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