Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Postcard from Toledo

Toledo for lunch?  Toledo for lunch!

On our first day on the road as we moved from Chicago to Boston, we were gunning to get to Toledo by lunchtime.  Why would anybody care about Toledo, Ohio and food?

Tony Packo's, that's why.

Jamie Farr helped make this Hungarian hot dog joint famous while he was on "M*A*S*H*."  It's not that far from the highway, where an industrial area meets an ethnic neighborhood (and the sign does just say "ethnic neighborhood."  It's up to you to figure out it's Hungarian).

Hungarian!  When we first decided to move to Massachusetts, I asked some people who my new nationalities would be.  I figured that I'd lose the ability to walk around a Polish neighborhood or slip into a German restaurant that reminds me of Munich, but that didn't mean I wouldn't get to explore other nationalities. I didn't think about what we'd find along the way.

What is a Hungarian hot dog?  Well, the dogs are sliced in half lengthwise (you can get double meat--I first thought that meant two hot dogs, but no, it's just one whole one), and it's got mustard, onions, and a secret sauce (spicy chili with paprika, which warms you up inside).  Dish delish!  I also tried the chili mac--instead of macaroni noodles, the chili is piled on spaetzle and topped with shredded cheese and onions.  I also made room for a few deep fried pickles (and wished my metabolism would allowed me to have digested more, that's for sure).

The ambience also helps make the place--the walls are covered with autographed hot dog buns and other bits of Toledo lore.  They've got a full bar (sadly, the special Tony Packo blend bourbon was not yet available, much to the Boy's chagrin), and of course, the shop, which is actually tucked into the back and doesn't draw attention to itself.

This lunch was a fabulous stop along the way--a nice way to experience America!

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  1. OK, there is WAY too much good stuff on that menu. Now I'm hungry for a smorgasbord of Packo's. (Chili AND spaetzle? I'm getting in the car right now!)