Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting Back into the Swing

Well, Readers,

What the hell?!  Right?!  Where have I been?  Has Massachusetts (my new home) totally sucked me into a patriotic sea from which I'll never blog again? [Note: Monday is Patriots Day here, which seems to be a pretty big deal....I'm sure a local would retort, "The start of the American Revolution?  Yeah!  Pretty fuckin' big deal!"]

Well, we're here.  After a long packing/loading the moving van.  After a long time cleaning.  After a couple of days on the road.  After a couple of extra days in hotel because our stuff didn't show up on time.  After cleaning the apartment (bathroom and kitchen, mostly) so that it was fit to live in.  After hauling our bed into the house ourselves because it "didn't go up the stairs" (um, we got the mattress up the stairs, professional movers).  After buying a car.  After numerous commutes to the Boy's new job.  After a weekend in Western Mass.  After yet another trip to Target to get something that we need.

Much to the chagrin of the Boy, we're still in boxes.  I'm hoping to take care of some of that soon (like, today) so that we can figure out how the hell to fit into our new place.  We have an extra bedroom, but somehow the whole place seems smaller than we originally remember it, the kitchen cabinets are from another era, one where people apparently didn't have much in the way of cooking gear, nor did they have the large plates and glasses of today's consumer.  Today's Target run includes returns on a silverware holder that is too tall for the drawer and a garbage can that is too wide to fit through the door underneath the kitchen sink.  Everything in the kitchen is tall, narrow, and not very deep, and I'm having a tough time adjusting to all of that.  

However, we'll get there.  I'm unpacked enough to be able to focus on some work, and getting back to blogging is pretty important.  Over the next few weekdays, you'll get letters I sent either back in Chicago or wanted to send from the road and just didn't.  Then hopefully, things will be back to normal.

Thanks for your patience.
Your pal,


  1. Glad to see you made it through!

    Hell! I HAVEN'T been moving half way across the country and I haven't been blogging consistently. UGH!

    Anyway, welcome back!