Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowy Wisdom

Dear Readers,

On this week's edition of "If It's Tuesday/Wednesday, It Must Be Snowing".....

We've had a serious amount of snow, and honestly, every week we have a big storm that involves spending major amounts of time shoveling and figuring out where to put the snow.  By now I feel like I'm supposed to have acquired some sort of sage wisdom that I can impart on all of you--wisdom so wonderful that even people in warm climates would wish they had snow storms and could gain this knowledge.

Sadly, I haven't.

But after another typical two-hour stint of shoveling during a storm, where once I've finished doing a pass, it doesn't look like I've even shoveled at all because the snow is coming down so hard, I do have one thought:

If I'm shoveling for two hours, I can eat and drink whatever I want.

That counts for something, right?

Off to eat a bit of whoopie pie.  Stay warm!

Your pal,

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