Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oh, Canada, Indeed!

Dear Canuck Rioters,

You need to turn in your Canadian cards right now. There's no way in hell you all are really Canadian.  Canadians don't riot!  Canadians don't send each other to the hospital!  Canadians don't loot!

Apparently this is not the first time you Canuck fans have done this, which is totally shocking.  Canadians on the whole are quite awesome, and this is not awesome Canadian behavior.  In fact, I'm surprised that Vancouver's hockey fans aren't called Canuckleheads.

Is your team losing the Stanley Cup really worth destroying a city?  Your country's image?  Other people's lives? Seriously--you're not even the ones playing the hockey game. Why are you getting so wrapped up in watching other people do stuff? Why don't you become the doers for a change--and then maybe when you get disappointed in the outcome, you won't take it out on your city, eh?

I realize you're not the face of all Canadians, but isn't it sad that you're ruining a good thing for everyone.

Your pal,

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